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Jailed Willits Tree-Sitter Needs Your Support

by EF!Humboldt ~ July 1st, 2013

Reign is a musician, traveler, and forest defender who is serving a 2.5 month sentence in jail for charges related to tree-sitting in protest of the Willits Bypass.

This is a great time to show your support for those putting their bodies and freedom and risk in defense of wild places.

Reign would LOVE:

  • Letters! You can send them to:

Martin Reign Katz #24500
Mendocino County Jail
951 Low Gap Rd.
Ukiah, CA 95482

  • Books, especially ones about Eckankar from a retailer/publisher like
  • Money for stamps and food
  • Money for phone minutes (email for details)

Reign is a committed activist and beloved community member. Your support will let him know how much we appreciate his commitment to defending the woods and wetlands of Little Lake Valley.

Police Raiding Wick Stitcher Occupation- July 1st Day 12

by EF!Humboldt ~ June 20th, 2013


Update 7/1/13 Noon:

Just in from EF!ers on the scene. The CHP has cut Will out of his lock box and arrested him. Amanda Sensemen, aka “Warbler”, has also been arrested at the site.

UPDATE 7/1/13 10:20 am:

It appears that an extraction attempt is imminent. Two cherry pickers have arrived on site along with 50 police. The cherry pickers are raised to Will. The CHP officers reportedly had guns pointed at Will.


photo from Save Our Little Lake Valley website.

UPDATE 6/30/13 5:00 pm:

A new statement from Will:

“Though the sun sizzles down on my platform I am as committed as ever to being on this crane as long as I physically can be, protecting Little Lake Valley with my body. The support of many many courageous and generous people is making this possible. I am ready for whatever next week brings.”

UPDATE 6/28/13 11:00 am:

Will reports that “all’s been quiet today”.

UPDATE 6/28/13 4:45 pm:

Mass Phone TEXT MESSAGE sent from Will, reads:

crane sit + Winged Froglamander + two days of rain outs + technical difficulties = 0 new wick drains in Little Lake Valley  since Monday.


This editor would like to +Will Parish to that equation, for with out which this action wouldn’t be happening.  Thank you Will!

UPDATE 6/28/13 1:40 pm:

A new statement from Will:

“This is a relatively small valley by population and extent, but the scale
of destruction is very large. The Willits Bypass is the most destructive
project in the region in a long time. For us this is the struggle that is
defining earth defense and direct action resistance in this area, and
probably will for quite a while. People who have the ability and motivation
to come help are needed. We are small town, a small valley, being bullied
by one of the biggest state government institutions in the country.
In terms of their massively bloated budget and lack of accountability, Caltrans is like a state-level version of the pentagon. We need help from outside if we are to stave off this assault. This is our local manifestation of tar sands and keystone. This is the local manifestation of the economy of violence.”

UPDATE 6/28/13 1:00 pm:

This update came directly from Will via cell phone:

This morning, the CHP came out with a climber and told Will they were going to cut the traverse rope to the other crane.

Lt. Elrod, the CHP’s second in command of the region, then told Will that they would retract their offer to allow him food and water if he didn’t cut it himself. The resupply is scheduled for 6 pm. In a decision that he regrets, Will cut the traverse line.

The Caltrans workers then turned it on and moved it a little ways to where they had been installing wick drains. Then they realized the platform was still up there and could fall. They lowered the crane and removed the platform. For some reason the machine remains inactive and in that position.

(It was incorrectly reported that they installed wick drains on this day)

Lt. Elrod told Will he was going to come up in a small cherry picker to talk. Then he asked Will if he’d get into the bucket with him to talk, and Lt. Elrod would then let him go back up. Will declined and said they should investigate the machinery operator who threatened to kill the other climber, Froglamander.

Elrod said they’ll investigate that, but didn’t write down any of the info Will gave him about the operator. Then he told Will he’d need to talk to the other climber and could Will give him their contact info? Will said he’d pass on the request (LOL).

Elrod asked what it would take to get him to come down on his own, Will said they’d have to cancel the project. Elrod offered to cite and release him, but Will laughed him off, saying he already turned the Sherrif down on the same offer when he was starving and on the verge of hypothermia.

Read a previous statement from Will, aka Red Tail, which he wrote in a tree-sit-
“The Greatest Gift Mendocino County Could Give The World Is To Stop The Willits Bypass”


UPDATE 6/27/13 10:45 am:

Yesterday afternoon, Will was joined by a second climber atop the neighboring wetland drying machine.
The climber, “Froglamander”, was able to get up about 30 ft. before the CHP officers noticed. They had been having trouble with heavy slick mud, and one of their cars appears to have remained stuck for over 24 hours.

Earlier that day, the CHP had Will’s mother on the phone on loud speakers trying to get him to come down. The Sherrif of Mendocino County also tried to entice him down, saying he would cite and release Will and take him out to lunch. Will refused, even though he had not eaten for over 3 days, has been critically low on water and was wet for much of the rain storm. He now has more food and water and spirits are high all around! The CHP presence at the site is minimal now.

New Press Release

For immediate release: June 27, 2013
Contact: Freddie Long 707-459-5267 or Jamie Chevalier 707-354-4796
Photo credit: Steve Eberhardt, Willits News High-res photos on request 707-354-4796

Daring Aerial Resupply Reaches Parched Crane-Sitter on Caltrans Tower

In an action combining daring, danger and comedy, Earth First! activists succeeded in putting a climber atop the second wick drain driver, and stringing a traverse rope to the crane-sitter who had been without food and water for a week. The bold action was carried out in broad daylight Wednesday afternoon. To get to the tower, the climber had to cross a wide belt of bare earth, guarded by 2 CHP vehicles. In spite of floodlights and guards, the climber delivered his life-saving supplies, and vanished into the night.

Continue reading »

by EF!Humboldt ~ June 10th, 2013

Redwood Rondy June 14-18th

The Redwood Coast Rendezvous is coming up fast! If you haven’t seen it already, we have a new page where we’ve posted directions to camp, schedule info, what to bring, etc.

This years event is drawing people from up and down the west coast, including knowledgeable and skilled workshop leaders. We’ll be camped above the fog at over 4,000 ft elevation in the forests and meadows high above Redwood Creek. Weather at the site can be hot and sunny, but be prepared for cooler weather and rain. Also, there ’s a fresh cold spring at the site that provides pure water year ’round.

WEATHER UPDATE 6/12/13: The weather forecasters predict temperatures in the 30’s and 40’s at night to 50’s and 60′ during the day. Chance of showers Sunday and Monday.

Any food or financial contributions you can make will help!


The tree-sitters near Trinidad, Ca have been hearing the saws and heavy machinery as Green Diamond carries on clear-cut logging operations nearby. No news on the offer by Green Diamond VP Neal Ewald to preserve a small grove in the area, as well as officially allow public access on the heavily used hiking trail. Trinidad residents and activists have asked for much more, including at least a square mile community forest around the popular 300 foot megalith called Strawberry Rock.

Banner Drop

Our banner drop along highway 101 got a lot of attention from people who saw it, those they talked to and in the local media. It stayed up for two days before Green Diamond had it removed. See media links below.

Times Standard Newspaper

KMUD Radio News (Story starts at 15:52)

Kym Kemp Blog

Also, here’s a show on KMUD radio featuring EF! Humboldt and Trinidad tree-sitter Eugene.

Big Banner Drop by Strawberry Rock on Hwy 101

by EF!Humboldt ~ May 15th, 2013


Deployed at about 9 am and riding high at about 100 feet, this banner is hard to miss heading north from Trinidad on Highway 101.  Green Diamond Resource Company has been continuing their destructive clear-cutting legacy, highlighted here at Strawberry Rock.

Redwood Coast Rendezvous 2013

by EF!Humboldt ~ May 10th, 2013

Update: 5/27 Please arrive on the 13th after noon if possible. Trainings begin in the morning on the 14th. This will be an alcohol free event!

Come on out to the mountains of Humboldt County for this years Redwood Coast Rendezvous from June 14th-18th. This summer looks like a hot one for direct action against extraction across the continent! Consequently, we’ll be focusing on skill sharing and training in order to spread the knowledge of practical blockading techniques, technical rope climbing, more direct action techniques and campaign organizing.

In the Redwood region alone there are two ongoing direct action campaigns. In Willits, the California Highway Patrol and their riot squad can’t keep the Little Lake Valley Defenders down as tree-sits continue to go up in the path of destruction planned for the new Highway 101 bypass around the town and through ancient trees and wetlands.

In northern Humboldt, the the tree-sitters are holding strong in some of the oldest and largest Redwoods in the Trinidad area as Green Diamonds logging echoes down from the hills.

Schedule and location TBA soon.



Contact us at our *NEW NUMBER*: 707_234_5257

or Email: