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Tree-sit News

by EF!Humboldt ~ August 12th, 2013. Filed under: Climate Justice, Earth First!, Gatherings, Green Diamond, Little Lake Valley, News, Threatened Wild Places, Tree-sits, Trinidad, caltrans, clear-cutting.


Willits Bypass

In Little Lake Valley, the machines used to install drains into the wetlands, “Wick Drain Stitchers”, are nearing the tree-sit, bringing with them workers and highway patrol guards. Last week, a Calfire helicopter repeatedly circled the tree-sit and flew by slowly within 100 ft of the tree-tops. The-tree-sitters are doing well, other than the intense noise coming from the stitchers all day as they shove drains 85 ft. into the ground.

Tree-sitter “Centipede” recorded a  statement on KMUD community radio last Friday detailing the situation. His statement begins at 1:08.

Starting at 7pm tonight, Caltrans plans to have a convoy of dump trucks running to the site from a nearby hill they are demolishing. They plan to dump tons of dirt and stone onto the wetland draining area, thereby beginning to squeeze the water up through the drains.

Tsurai (Trinidad)

The Strawberry Rock Festival this past weekend drew a modestly sized but enthusiastic crowd from around the north coast. Speakers at the event included activist Jeanie McCovey of the Yurok people and Rob Diperna, industrial logging monitor for the non-profit Environmental Protection Information Center (EPIC). There was array of talented musicians and EF! Humboldt demonstrated the set up of a 40 ft. tri-pod where climbing techniques were put on display.

The tree-sit near Tsurai (as the place has been called long before Spanish explorers arrived) continues despite a somewhat murky future, Green Diamond may sell a recreation easement protecting a patch of trees that includes the sits, but the status of the plan is unknown and clear-cutting rages on on nearby slopes. If you are considering tree-sitting here, please get in touch with us.

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