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Resistance is Alive in Willits!

by EF!Humboldt ~ July 7th, 2013. Filed under: Tree-sits.


The tree-sit in this majestic oak tree has been going since early May. The tree-sitters witnessed from a distance as Will was forcibly removed from the wick drain stitcher by CHP officers in two cherry pickers and 30-50 more on the ground. At the time, CHP officer patrolled under the trees on foot, but the cherry pickers were never brought over to the tree-sit. Word has it that the trees in that grove could be protected by environmental regs until September, BUT, Caltrans may be able to get an exception before then and blast a swath through this Ash and Oak grove.

No more wick drains have been stabbed in recent days, but fill dirt is being brought in to put massive pressure on that area of the wetlands draining site, which will squeeze ground water into the wicks and up to the surface from as deep as 85 ft down.

A federal judge is expected to come out with a decision soon that could halt the project in its tracks. This project can still be stopped, but terrible damage is being done, which is why we continue to stand up to these abusers of the people and the land.

Join us in whatever way you can! Actions will be ongoing!


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