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We Support Strawberry Rock Tree-sitters!

by EF!Humboldt ~ April 26th, 2013. Filed under: Climate Justice, Earth First!, Threatened Wild Places, Tree-sits, Trinidad, clear-cutting.
EF! Humboldt is announcing our support and assistance to the tree-sitters in Trinidad.
After a break from direct action following our successful four year campaign in the McKay Tract, we are ready to join our fellow community members in the defense of the forest around Strawberry Rock.


Forest practices we are opposed to:

 Clear-cut logging by any name
 Toxic Herbicides
 Old-growth logging
 Logging on unstable slopes

Forest practices we support:

 Restoration Forestry
 Preservation of Old-growth trees and mature forest habitat
 Protection of rare and endangered species
 Forestry that is both ecologically and economically sustainable
 Selective logging that removes wood from the forest at a slower rate than which it grows

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