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Radio Update from the Tree-Village

by EF!Humboldt ~ January 22nd, 2012. Filed under: Audio, Climate Justice, Earth First!, Green Diamond, Threatened Wild Places, Tree-sits, clear-cutting, mckay09.

Stormy weather is really setting in, but we’re hanging in there.

A few scenes to imagine from the past few days- tree-sitters barely staying dry through quick thinking, rags, jackets, cordage and ingenuity as rain attempts to penetrate every small gap in our shelters, huddled under our tarps in relative dark using headlamps to read during the day while frequently glancing up to check for leaks, isolated even from each other by distance, deluges and the sound of rushing wind and rain for over 24 hours. Filling nearly every empty bottle with rainwater, a major coup! A multi-species flock of small songbirds including Juncos and others with striking yellow stripes across their faces venture near the tree-sits as they forage for bugs among rain-sodden, dripping branches. Check out the link below.

Update from the trees, Jan 20th

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