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Richardson Grove Action Report- Camp Next Weekend

by EF!Humboldt ~ February 8th, 2011. Filed under: Gatherings, News, Richardson Grove, Stories, Threatened Wild Places, caltrans.

The Caltrans lobby was occupied by many demonstrators after a crowd nearing 200 rallied outside the building. Six were locked to each other through the stair railings. The mood was joyous and energetic, lot’s of music and inspirational speakers. The lobby was filled with people of all ages and many walks of life, carrying signs and playing drums. At around 5 pm, the police were given the order to clear the room of those who were not locked to

Rally at Caltrans to protect Richardson Grove Redwoods

anything. To do this they used brute force, first pushing, then breaking out the tazers and clubs. One elder was pushed down the stairs by the police but he was kept upright by the crowd. One man reported being tazed twice in the back as he turned to leave. One had injuries to his ankle from the use of nun-chuck device applied like a nut-cracker to his leg by police. There was a period of chaos during the police assault where one cop received a creamy cup of coffee to the face. The protest continued outside until the last of the lock-downers were cut loose. Newspaper reports downplayed the frenzied police violence while exaggerating the reaction of protesters. The police denied using tazers or clubs. The arrested grove defenders were released late at night. There will be an action camp to continue the defense of the grove this coming weekend, location tba.

top photo source: Red Headed Black Belt. Click here to see more

lower photos: Times-Standard. click here for more

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