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Good Vibrations

by EF!Humboldt ~ January 13th, 2010. Filed under: Earth First!, News, Stories.

It was late afternoon, and I had just gotten home from a day of tree wranglin’. I was settling down and starting to cook some lunch when the platform started to sway a little, like the wind was kicking up. This was all fine and normal, but suddenly the swaying transformed into shaky aerial wave riding, the platform jerking every which way. I crouched down and held on to the support ropes to brace myself, a little confused. I looked out at the village, which had become a trembling network of traverse highways connecting the giant stumbling trees. This was not wind.
“Oh shit,” I thought, “am I clipped in right?” I grabbed my safety device, and with relief followed it to a locked carabiner clipped around the tree’s trunk.
The second wave came.
“YYYAHHOOWWW!” I let out a yell and jumped around with the platform some more.
By the time the third wave came, I was pulling my climbing harness on over the webbing loop I was already clipped in to, for extra assurance. This wave was way milder though, and felt more like a breeze. Shouts of confusion rang out from the neighborhood. I looked around and was glad to see all of my stuff happened to be clipped in during the excitement, and only the pot with the yam I was cooking rattled off the stove.
“Is everyone ok?” I called out to the rest of the canopy defense ninjas.
“WOOHOO!” Yells of confirmation filled the air, and we settled back into the evening.

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