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Big Storms on the Horizon

by EF!Humboldt ~ January 14th, 2010. Filed under: Tree-sits.

Strong winds and heavy rain that could last for weeks is on the approach. As one blogger puts it, “For the first time in at least several years, a powerful southern stream branch of the jet stream over the Pacific is expected to roar across CA for at least the next two weeks, potentially bringing a tremendous amount of precipitation and frequent strong wind events.” link

Thankfully, this will mean a lot of water for the forest to drink and will hopefully help the salmon and other fish to spawn. We’re also hoping that erosion is at a safe level. It’s storm events like this that can bring huge landslides and wash out riverbanks and roads.

We are seeking monetary donations to help cover the expense of necessities like tarps, reliable rain jackets and pants and other wet weather gear. If you work at REI or a similar store and would like to help, please contact us and we can send your store, or manager, a letter explaining who we are, what we do, and why the gear is important.

Thank you in advance and to all those that have lent a hand recently, we couldn’t do it without you.

Earth First!

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