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Forest Defense Convergence Sept. 10th-12th *See Schedule Update*

by EF!Humboldt ~ August 19th, 2009. Filed under: Tree-sits, Video.


Earth First! Humboldt is organizing a gathering of forest defenders to bring our community together and provide a way for more folks to get involved with Earth First! This is part of Cascadia Summer and in solidarity with forest defense in Oregon and across the globe.

Location: Clam Beach Campground 10 minutes North of Arcata.

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Directions for Public Transit from Arcata

Driving Directions from Arcata

Camp Schedule

Thursday. 10th

  • Camp set up begins after 1 on Thursday.
  • Afternoon- Update/Discussion of EF! Humboldt’s current campaign to confront and expose Green Diamonds deforestation.
  • Campfire revelry

Friday. 11th

  • *10:00 to Noon Non-violent Direct Action Training- A crucial training for getting involved in Direct Action. Covers many ins and outs including Non-Violent Action, Affinity Group’s, A bit about Tactics, Dealing with conflicts, Jail/protecting yourself in the legal system. This is interactive and includes fun role plays.
  • Lunch
  • *1:30 to 3:30 2nd half of NV Direct Action Training.
  • Forest hike
  • Your Skill-share here
  • Evening- campaign strategy discussion.
  • Campfire and Music

Saturday. 12th

  • 10-12 am Backwoods Action Skill-share- Stealthiness, Tactics.
  • Direct Action Preparation…

GD_clear-cutThe Green Diamond logging company, owner of around 450,000 acres in our area, is annihilating our wild forests and turning them into tree-farms by clear-cutting thousands of acres of coastal Redwood forest every year. They also have special permits to wipe out Spotted Owl habitat.

Our primary goal in the Green Diamond campaign is to get them to stop clear-cutting. This devastating logging practice is harming our forests, rivers and communities as you read this. Deforestation is also a leading contributor to global climate change by releasiong huge amounts of greenhouse gasses. We are exposing their forest destruction through educational efforts such as speaking in front of classes and guiding field trips as well as taking direct action to halt this destruction.

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