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Latest EF! Humboldt Action Press Release

by EF!Humboldt ~ August 25th, 2008. Filed under: Uncategorized.

For Immediate Release: Monday, August 25th

contact: Jeremy Jensen (707) 834-5170 

Earth First! Turns Attention To Green Diamond Resource Co.


Eureka, Ca.- A new Earth First! tree-sit in a Green Diamond Resource logging plan east of Eureka ended as suddenly as it began.

With the new owners of the former Pacific Lumber Company pledging to not log Old-Growth trees, a proposal by Green Diamond Resource Company to log Ancient Redwoods grabbed the attention of Earth First! Humboldt.

Most of the trees range from 80-100 years old but in one of the two groves there are numerous scattered Old-Growth trees that were not cut during the original logging of the area in the late 1800’

s. The company is also proposing residential development in the same area under Option B of the Humboldt County General Plan Update.

“Clearcutting and Old-Growth logging are crimes against nature and humanity,” said Jeremy Jensen of EF! Humboldt, “Development is the nail in the coffin.”


Activists conducted multiple searches of the area and made several discoveries. The locations of several Old-Growth redwoods that were slated to be cut, and the presence of at least three Northern Spotted Owls in the threatened forest.

Days after stealthily establishing a tree-sit in a giant Old-Growth Redwood that was clearly marked to be cut, the sitters worried that they had been prematurely discovered when field surveyors were heard walking around on the forest floor.

Though no words were exchanged, a dangling cluster of white 5 gallon buckets made the tree-sit highly visible.

Three days later, a Green Diamond employee returned to mark the occupied tree and at least two other imperiled Old-Growth Redwoods as “Wildlife Leave Trees”

, seeming to indicate that they won’t be cut.

This surprised EF! Humboldt activists because the California Department of Forestry had already approved the logging plan.

While the activists suspected it was a deceptive move to trick the tree-sitters into coming down, another piece of information came to light.

An Earth First!er reviewing the logging plan document discovered that GDRC would not be allowed to log the area until next February 19th at the earliest. This is due to the fact that lumber companies are required by California law to allow trees in adjacent clearcuts to reach three years of age before logging neighboring forests.

The Earth First!ers decided to remove the platform and gear from the tree, assess the new situation and re-calibrate the defensive strategy for the threatened groves.

“At least now they know we’re serious,” said a tree-sitter by the name of “Crossroads”.

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